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I am a Project Organiser for a local charity called * CSV/RSVP which is situated in the South West of the UK.

I take great pride in the Garden Club and also as we are now entering another phase of this project, we are starting a new Twigs Garden Club set ready to go in another area of Poole. This gives more members more choice of dates and activities, plus a bigger social circle of friends !

We began with just a few basic ideas, over time these have been tailored to the needs and wishes of everybody and as an Organiser for CSV/RSVP it must be emphasised that club members are not volunteers nor expected to become volunteers unless wishing to do so.

Here are some of the highlights of Twigs:

We are always pleased to welcome new members, including online ones.
Apart from browsing my blog [we love to read your comments] perhaps you might also like to come and join us once a month at one of our meetings for a spot of social garden chat over a refreshing cuppa and a slice of naughty homemade cake! We also produce a quarterly Newsletter, have raffles and monthly plant swaps to name but a few and you never know what you may go home with.

Should anyone feel they have an hour to spare and would like to start a Twigs Project in their local residential area please contact me for a quick chat by emailing deetrish12spot@gmail.com

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Things are on the up again !!!

Dee Hoy

As the Organiser for Twigs Garden Club I am again so pleased that we now have over 10,000 hits on our garden club blog.
Do keep them coming.

Our local gardening weather since Spring:

 30 August 2013 - Provisional Met Office statistics for this summer (June, July and August) show that this year has seen the warmest, driest and sunniest summer since 2006.
Not sure how they missed out the tropical rain we have been having also. No sorry here's a mention.
In terms of rainfall, the estimate suggests about 189 mm of rain - which is 78 % of the UK average, making this the driest summer since 2006 and ranking about 16th driest in the records dating back to 1910. For south-east England and East Anglia this will be the driest summer since 1995

Well we in the South West could somewhat take issue with the last statement because we have had quite a few heavy downfalls of rain. 
In fact the weather was so changeable it often felt like four seasons in one week !
As for trying to garden in these conditions well it was either to dry to mow a brown lawn, so wet that the weeds were coming up overnight no matter how hard you tried, then to hot to do anything or to cold to venture out.
Phew really hard work trying to keep up with it all.

Still does that put us off ?  Well sometimes yes which makes you think that a lot of paving might well be the answer.  But really no as we are lucky to live in a gorgeous part of the country where we enjoy our gardening along with a few moans.