About Twigs

I am a Project Organiser for a local charity called * CSV/RSVP which is situated in the South West of the UK.

I take great pride in the Garden Club and also as we are now entering another phase of this project, we are starting a new Twigs Garden Club set ready to go in another area of Poole. This gives more members more choice of dates and activities, plus a bigger social circle of friends !

We began with just a few basic ideas, over time these have been tailored to the needs and wishes of everybody and as an Organiser for CSV/RSVP it must be emphasised that club members are not volunteers nor expected to become volunteers unless wishing to do so.

Here are some of the highlights of Twigs:

We are always pleased to welcome new members, including online ones.
Apart from browsing my blog [we love to read your comments] perhaps you might also like to come and join us once a month at one of our meetings for a spot of social garden chat over a refreshing cuppa and a slice of naughty homemade cake! We also produce a quarterly Newsletter, have raffles and monthly plant swaps to name but a few and you never know what you may go home with.

Should anyone feel they have an hour to spare and would like to start a Twigs Project in their local residential area please contact me for a quick chat by emailing deetrish12spot@gmail.com

Thursday, 11 December 2014

'Beating Bowel Cancer' Christmas Gift Wrapping

Again this year there with be a 'BEATING BOWEL CANCER' charity Christmas Gift Wrapping event in the Dolphin Centre Poole located outside H Samuel the jewellers.

The dates will be:

All day


Any Gift wrapped for a donation to the charity.

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Meeting Rossmore Library 10.30 am Saturday 25th October 2014

Geranium Prize Winners August 2014

Club Organiser Dee hosted the August meeting at her home where everybody very much enjoyed themselves.
It was the final judging after months of nurturing by Twigs members of the plug plants we had all been given several months previously.
Unfortunately for various reasons a few of the club member's plants never quite made it to the competition, but out of those that did were chosen 3 prize winners. 
The first prize went to John who is pictured holding his certificate along with the two runners up Joan & Sylvie.
It was originally hoped that Ben Bulstrode would be the judge on the day but sadly due to ill health he was not able to attend. 

Monday, 18 August 2014

Garden of Delight

There is so little space in my garden

I’m greedy for colours and scents

When I’ve filled up my plot

I fill baskets and pots

Until money and energy’s spent

Then I beg different cuttings from neighbours

Or swap if my surplus will do

And, sometimes, in the park

When it’s coming on dark

I confess that I pinch one or two

My walls are Virginia Creepered

My fences are clematis clad

There are house plants galore

On my shelves, sills and floors

And all of them flourish like mad

I really enjoy my small garden

And I don’t mind the shortage of space

It couldn’t be fuller

Of perfume and colour

And no weed can find resting place!

 Jane Legge

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Carnival Week Prize Winner !!!

Two floral displays submitted by Dee to the Poole Carnival Week Event, one of which as you can see she won.


BWRA Carers Week Event


The BWRA will be holding a Carers Week Event on the 13th June from 10.00 am to 12.00 noon at :

44 Yarmouth Road, Branksome.

Coffee & cake £2.00


All monies raised will go to the Carers Charity Fund




Friday, 16 May 2014

Poppy's Poems

At the bottom of the garden, where the bluebells grow
A squirrel runs along the fence, I’ve seen him come and go.
 He paddles in the bird bath and helps himself to seeds
He watches me from a distance when I’m removing weeds.
 The lavender is blooming, I do like flowery scents
With honeysuckle growing along another fence.

It’s lovely in the summer, when flowers are in bloom
I leave my windows open and scent fills every room.

 Then many pretty butterflies and little bumble bees
Happily will flutter by beneath the garden trees.
 When I sit in my arbour the birds will come and feed
They see me there so often, that they never heed.

 I’m happy in my garden, the hours so quickly pass
Whether I’m relaxing, or when I’m mowing grass.
I’m happy in the summer, I’ve had enough of rain
So when the sun decides to shine, I’ll go outdoors again.
 Runner beans cover my garden arch and hide
Several tomato plants growing there inside.

My shrubbery will blossom and scent will fill the air
From many pretty flowers I will have grown with care.


Sunday, 4 May 2014

26th July 2014 1914 ‘100 year’ Commemoration Event - update


Looks like the Commemorative Garden at Oakdale Library is progressing well ! 

 Do have a look at the blog link: http://oakdalelibrarygarden.wordpress.com/

Twigs are now looking forward to our next meeting with Creekmoor & Oakdale WI which will be taking place shortly for an update on all the arrangements that have so far been made and those that need finalising in time for the event.

Twigs have lots of exciting ideas which along with the help of the WI and others should make the day a memorable occasion.   It certainly won’t be for want of trying on all of our combined efforts.

So whilst it’s weeding, planting and some rather heavy ground work for some of our combined team, there is an awful lot of preparation and many arrangements to be decided on for the rest of us.

Twigs have been so pleased to have met with so many good responses from organisations and individuals who like us are becoming more and more enthusiastic at the prospect of supporting what should be a fun day.

Now all we can hope for is lovely sunny weather for the event and for those who are making the effort of dressing up in period 1914 costume [we are surprised at how many] which will really add a touch of times past.


Saturday, 12 April 2014

Spring 2014 Newsletter Highlights

Easter Bonnet & Twigs Quiz Prize Winners 
Fun Easter Bonnets show that Spring has definitely arrived !

The sun shone down on our Easter Bonnet Parade, held at Oakdale Library, where prizes were also presented to the winners of our gardening quiz.
All of the bonnets were very creative and it was a lovely surprise to see the library staff joining in the fun. The judges Helen Smith along with two Police Community Support Officers had a difficult task deciding the winner. But eventually the prize went to our Beryl who looked as stylish as ever in her bonnet.
Twigs Living Garden
Poole Borough Libraries enquired if Twig's could produce a ‘Box Garden’ for a talk & display on activities within the Libraries at the Civic Offices.
So for a small cost Twigs produced a ‘Living Garden’ which could give a housebound person not only many pleasurable hours tending it, but also the added bonus of eating garden fresh herbs & salad from a window sill. 
Go on make someone smile this Easter with no Calories!   
1914 ‘100 year’ Commemoration Event

Last year we discussed the potential of an event being held.  At that point it was merely an idea, however with the new start at a new venue in January we had further talks with Oakdale Library regarding the potential of our idea. 
This was accepted with the result that later in the year Twigs will be holding an event to showcase life [within bounds of availability] as it was in 1914.
Twigs members are dressing in period costume, with a table or two on baking from the 1914 era  with fresh bakes to try and buy.  There will also be a recipe book, which will go on sale, showing all the recipes.
Items from the period will be on display, with floral arrangements in some very un-orthodox containers! 
We are furiously growing poppies for the Commemoration Garden [an addition to the existing Reading Garden], which the Swop team have offered to do in conjunction with the Creekmoor & Oakdale WI.
I would like to thank my members for their hard work which in the last few months has seen them beavering away. 



Monday, 7 April 2014

Poppy's Poems


How grand the golden daffodil
That stands sedately on the hill
It proudly stands with head held high
And nods to people passing by.

In contrast is the primrose, small
Looked down upon by one and all
Beneath the tallest tree that grows
In clusters hides the shy primrose

The bluebell is a common flower
It grows in masses and has power
To hide the primrose in the wood
- Do you think it really should?

The violet helps the shy primrose
As side by side with it. it grows
They seem to compliment each other
Not out-doing one another

The crocus come in colours bright
And seems to pop up over night
It stands erect for all to see
And seems to say, "Oh look at me"

Some are short and some are tall
But we grow to love them all
Flowers come and birdies sing
All announcing it is Spring.

Friday, 4 April 2014

Blog update

Unfortunately due to circumstances which are currently beyond our control, this blog is temporarily a 'view only' site.

Even though you cannot post comments we hope that in the meantime you enjoy reading the posts.

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Twigs Member NGS Opening Days for 2014

NGS opening days for visiting Sylvia & Alan's amazing garden at
22 Holt Road, Branksome, Poole BH12 1JQ.
  • 23rd March
  • 27th April 
  • 18th May
  • 15th June 
  • 27th July
  • 24th August
Further information is available from in the National Garden Schemes booklet which is available FREE from most garden centres and other outlets.

Alternatively you can purchase online from the NGS website link:   http://www.ngs.org.uk/default.aspx



Saturday, 1 March 2014

26th July 2014 is one special event for the TWIGS TEAM of RSVP !!!

During the later months of 2013 it was decided that something special should be done to mark the ‘100year Commemoration of the 1914 -18 War’.   Which as it happens will also coincide with the 4th Anniversary of our club.

Our first club meeting in 2014 was to be held at our new Oakdale Library venue and so prior to this ideas were discussed with the Library for the coming year.

This then was when the 1914-18 event started to develop. 

So waiting with bated breath that approval would be given for the project, the Team were overjoyed when an email arrived, declaring that the Commemoration Event was all set to go.

However to help develop our ideas the local WI were informed of our plans and offered to help with some poppies and running a refreshment tent on the day. Also a member from the Chestnut Nursery Garden Team said that they also would like to do a garden piece.

Twigs Team are working flat out to generate a 1914 event to remember.

Stay with this page to keep updated.



Thursday, 20 February 2014

Lavender Scent Bag circa 1912

  1. Take of lavender flowers, free from stalk, half-a-pound
  2. Dried thyme and mint, of each half-an ounce
  3. Ground cloves and caraways, of each a quarter of an ounce
  4. Common salt, dried, one ounce;

Mix the whole well together, and put this product into silk or cambric bags.  In this way it will perfume the drawers and linen very nicely. 
Extract taken from the Hundred and Eighth Edition of ENQUIRE WITHIN UPON EVERYTHING
Published in London by Madgwick, Houlston and Co., Ltd, Ave Maria Lane, E.C. [1912]